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To My Heart's Content This Children's Day

Hello friends, 

I, MocktailMommy Vidhi, am back, after a long hiatus, with a creative project. This time it's the one that is sp close to my heart.

What is there on 14th November??? No marks for guessing. Here in India, it’s children’s day!!!  When I was a child, there was no specific celebration of the Children's day. However our parents celebrated each and every  day for us in spite of  their busy lives. This year I will be celebrating this special day with my mother. 

Have you ever thought opening up your mother's heart ??? What do you think you will find there? I am sure it will be filled with love for her children, brim to brim. Don't you think so? With this very thought, I have tried to capture that moment in my creation. Sharing it with you here...

First, i got raw mdf box from my stash. I have very lovely image of mother and daughter lost in their world; as if time froze at that very moment! I have used the same image for this artifact. 

As I wished to indulge in this project to my ‘hearts content’. Driven by this thought,  I made a heart from air dry clay. 

After that, i decoupaged that lovely image at the centre of top side. Now the colouring time !!! I have coloured clay heart, all sides of box and inner portion of box too with acrylic colours and tried to mix decoupage paper’s background with the box.  
At the end, I simply stamped a beautiful line of lovely mother and daughter relation in the box and glued a sequence. 

You can gift this box to your mother on this special day and add any gift whatever she likes ... perfume , candles , jewellery etc. Because she is a mother we can still be children! You may also give this to your little Princess and fill it with the goodies that are her favourite.  

Running short of time to make it? No problem... You can buy it from my online shop at Artery Crate

-----By MocktailMommy Vidhi

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The Nanny


Neha stared at the dress on the rack....it was the prettiest dress she had ever seen. She quickly checked out the size, it matched hers!!! What luck!!

She took a quick glance around to check if anyone was watching her. Nope... nobody around. She picked the dress, rushed to the trial room. After debating in her mind, she gave in to temptation.

She put on the dress carefully and looked at herself in the mirror. It was perfect!!! The fabric was so soft, the drape over her smooth curves only accentuated her sexy figure. She looked so pretty, she couldn't resist letting out a gasp... 

Suddenly she heard her name. She dumped the dress there and hurried out. "Where have you been?? I've been looking for you. Now take care of Riya..I don't have all day to finish shopping!!!"

"Sorry Ma'am." she said, taking Riya. For a moment she had forgotten, she was only the nanny...

                                           ------ MocktailMommy Prasanna

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A voice came from the Help Desk, "Next is your turn, Astha." All this while she was sitting quietly and was nervous as if she was scared of what was going to happen...

Was it not very obvious but? It was the fourth time. She was desperately waiting for her name to be called up.

The previous three experiences were worst than the nightmare. Still hoping against the hope, she felt a lot of positivity emanating from deep within.

With a heavy heart, full of self doubt, she entered the room, keeping her fingers crossed!!!!! She felt as if some one can hear her palpating heart... She was drenched in sweat, which she could hide in the guise of the climate. But from whom was she trying to hide it from? From her own doubting self...may be...

Lady in the room coaxed her...and after Astha was comfortable she started her procedure........and within few seconds she heard a confusing wish-swoosh sound.......gradually to a clear one... 
DHAK, DHAK.......DHAK, DHAK.......

It was nothing but the sound of her baby's heartbeats.....it was her first ultrasound check up of her fourth pregnancy.

"Congrats Astha, your child's heartbeat is normal and so is your pregnancy", said the sonologist.

"This was the cutest sound of her life which she was expecting desperately after her three miscarriages. THE CUTEST AND THE BEST HEART IMPRINTS OF HER LIFE... THAT MADE HER FEEL COMPLET...

-----By MocktailMommy kARISHMA

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Favorite Song Spiels Itself

A good song is like the smell of earth after the first rains. 

It makes you feel nostalgic, brings back some wonderful memories. So which is that one song that transports you into another world?? 

When I chose this topic,I had gazillion songs running through my thoughts like a wild forest fire. Then came the next question. What makes a song your favourite??... The melody?... The soulful lyrics?... The memories that flash when you accidentally hear it on the radio?... The experience one shared with that special someone?... One thought after the other,  laced to each other traveled like a train in my brain!

All through the process of searching for my favourite song, there was this one song which kept playing at the back of my mind. 

The reasons can be its simple yet very meaningful lyrics, a song expressing a child’s love towards his mother, maybe as this was the first song I learnt to sing, maybe because this song made my music teacher and my parents realize that I, an eight year old then, was a decent singer, maybe as it was this song that gave me the courage to get over my stage fear, maybe because this song gave me the first ever prize in singing , maybe due to the fact that this song had an impact not only on me but also my schoolmates ,so much so, that even after 25 years, few of my schoolmates recently posted the song on Facebook tagging me and we relived all those precious innocent memories. Do I even need any more reason to make this song my favourite???

Without building any more suspense, the song is “Mother of Mine” written by Bill Parkinson and sung by Neil Reid. Please listen to my version of this song by clicking the link below.  Thanks to #Smule app for helping me record it. Use Headphones for better clarity:

Hope you all like it! 

Do share your favourite song with me and the story behind it!!

-----By MocktailMommy Sathya
All pictures courtesy Pixabay

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The Holy Pyre

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Aashna sat in front of the mirror at her dressing table. She was all decked up, but her mind was restless.

Just then her mother came in, "Aashna, it's time darling...." As she walked out to the ceremonial mandap, all eyes were on her. There was a storm brewing in her mind though.

Being an arranged marriage, she had hardly got any time to get to know Varun. Everything had happened in such a hurry.

As they walked around the holy pyre to complete their pheras, she was totally absorbed in her own apprehensions..... But he read her eyes.

He held her hand gently, "Dont worry Aashna. I promise you in front of this holy pyre, that I will always be there for you. Through thick and thin, through ups and downs, through sickness and health. I will be your friend, soulmate..."

The lines of worry on her face disappeared!!!

                                                   -------  By MocktailMommy Prasanna

Word Count : 150

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