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My World...Then And Now

The cool-off period that our group took after April was extending far too long. Finally, we all decided that it was time to buck up and get back to work. At the meeting (which I missed because of work) it was decided to take up the Theme as “REWIND”. When one says that word, there’s only one thing that happens to me……I am immediately reminded of my sweet childhood memories.
The only means of communication those days was via Landline Telephones. In a way, life was so peaceful back then as there were no mobile phones to distract you. The humble landline served not only as a connect between distant relatives, but also helped build relations closer to us. I fondly remember how our neighbours used to attend calls at our house as they didn’t have telephones at their homes. This in-turn would lead to long sessions of gossip, chit-chat and friendly banter with our family. They shared their happiness, sorrow, problems and solutions with us. 
Letters back then were handwritten. I can still pictur…

Eating together...Pangat

While cleaning the wardrobes, this summer, I got my hands on a wedding album. It was that of my in-laws. As I flipped through the black and white photos, one caught my attention. It instantly re-winded my memories of gone by era. The photo was about guests sitting and having the wedding lunch it was a "PANGAT"

The word "Pangat"come from Sanskrit word "pankit" It means row or a group. Pangat is about eating food while sitting in rows with no discrimination on whatsoever basis. In a Pangat food is served by volunteers to people who sit together to eat. People would sit on the floor together as equals to eat same food. It was a common sight at the wedding celebrations, where the guests from the bride and the groom's side would sit and enjoy scrumptious wedding lunch or dinner. 

Tradition of pangat can be traced to all the states of India. History indicates that Guru Nanak was an ardent follower of the pangat system. Some even attribute him for initiating t…

Back To School

Month of June, brings the hope of respite from the blazing heat of summer. It also ushers in a new academic session for many. "Back To School" advertisements, flyers dominate the news paper space. Super marts in the vicinity entice the children and parents, alike, with glossy, catchy, colourful and crisp advertisement flyers! Fetching pictures of stationary supplies, lunch boxes, water bottles, school bags make for a perfect bait! Even those who do not belong to the factions of the society that forms the primary focus group of such advertisements, drool over them...wondering where were these goodies when we were kids????
One such Back to School flyer caught my attention. Image of the cherubic toddler, adorned with many items from the advertised list, was the center of my attraction. The toddler sure was a cutie pie! But I was alarmed at the thought of a kid, who is still in nascent stages of exploring the world around him with his fumbling feet, getting enrolled to the school…