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A solo trip is pretty memorable and enviable in my opinion; and even more so when it’s an overseas one. I recall the time I had to make a work trip to the Maldives – a tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean, just off SriLanka. It was a work trip for me as I had just been accorded a very prestigious assignment of re-styling the interiors of a 7 star luxury resort.

I was super ecstatic to be on an overseas trip on my own; that also to a tropical island renowned for its uber luxurious resorts the world over. In fact, it has some of the world’s most expensive resorts where even Hollywood stars holiday as the privacy factor is high here.

I landed in Male – the capital of Maldives at 2 am local time and was frisked off to a tiny matchbox hotel in one of the alleys of the city. I was appalled and a bit frightened by the look and size of the hotel. Trust me when I say that I spent the entire night in a tiny square of a room with little or no elbow room; I sat on the bed staring at the door and yes I had jammed a chair under the handle. I was terrified of being there – my first and last such experience. Later on the client clarified to me that this was one of the best hotels in Male- Male is a single night stopover for tourists as they rush off to the more exotic resorts immediately when they arrive in the day. But at night all water traffic is suspended and so one has to make do with such accommodation. Whatever – I was determined to never again and I didn’t!

In the day time I discovered Male to be quite unimpressive in sights and sounds as I walked around to take it all in. This gorgeous gold dome belongs to the gorgeous Islamic centre in Male which was opened in 1984 and was one thing that I quite liked in appearance from afar.

With narrow lane-like roads, Male had a surprising number of taxis. I rode in a couple of them and was amused with the rip offs of Sonu Nigam / Shahrukh Khan songs which were sung in the local language and were blasted from every street corner with great love.
I came upon a signboard advertising a trip to the depths of the sea in a submarine. Thrilled I signed up and went in or rather down the hatch to immediately come running back up again as I felt too claustrophobic. The crew were quite bemused and assured the embarrassed me that they are quite used to this as most folks feel faint to be confined so.
I did finally settle down and watched the gauge like a hawk as the submarine plummeted 40 m below sea level. Unfortunately the water outside was somewhat dark and murky and the double glass lined windows offered a blurry view of the sea life. So even though I couldn’t take pictures, it was quite a thrill to watch coloured fish and other sea creatures scurry around us. Quite the aquarium feel but it was the fish watching us ;-)

Soon it was time for me to take an air taxi- something I was quite excited about as this was again a first for me – to the island where my project was located. Air taxi is simply a seaplane service to ferry people across the many islands of Maldives. Incidentally Maldives is made up of 26 atolls; an atoll is a ring like coral reef formation which encloses a lagoon and consists of a chain of islands. In total there are about 1200 islands in Maldives which is predominantly an Islamic nation.

While on the plane ride, the view of the azure blue sea dotted with plenty of aquamarine lagoons was bewitching to say the least. I wanted to simply jump into the sea below as the waters were pristine clean in beautiful hues of blue. Some areas were so clear and shallow that I could see all the way down to the sea bed. The sea around Maldives usually remains calm and rough waves are seldom seen. It’s an ideal destination for paddling in the sea and many resorts offer motor boats and yachts to their guests to enhance the experience.
Almost every island has this quintessential sight of a thatch covered pavilion insetted into the lagoon where one was wade in quite easily during low tide. The resort I stayed in had this serene setting where I spent many evenings with a glass of wine and my laptop as I worked and day dreamed alternately.

I stayed there for quite a stretch of time and it took a lot of time to acclimatize to the heat factor as we are very near to the equator and the humidity is almost 100% there. In fact the salt content in the air is so high that I found myself dozing off in meetings; much to my embarrassment. It was later I learnt that this happens to most everyone on their first time around.

One of the best memories of being there are these giant coral pieces that would drift in with the tide. I was thrilled to find this one but then my enthusiasm was dampened when I was informed that it’s illegal to carry it and the customs will arrest me if I do so. I consoled myself with carrying some tiny bits of it which were okay by the law.
In fact I was told of the many souvenir shops in Male that cheat tourists by selling them such pieces with a certificate of “authenticity”. Then at customs the poor tourist has to cough up a fine, the souvenir is confiscated and duly returned to the shop – it’s quite a racket there. I did walk into a couple of such shops and was assured wholeheartedly by them that I will be allowed to carry these items. Hmmmmmm!!!

One point of advice to anyone venturing out there is to be prepared for the heat – its killing and I spent most of the daytime indoors. So early morning and late evenings are best to enjoy the beach. There are no touristy spots in Maldives and each resort offers plenty of activities like indoor games, movie libraries, etc. to keep the guest entertained.
Also there is hardly any agricultural produce growing in Maldives and everything is outsourced. As a result there is a lot of canned and frozen food stuffs which is not very palatable; especially for the vegetarians. They use desalinated sea water as a water supply which is not advisable for drinking since it’s been cleaned off all minerals during the desalination process. So mineral water is best but that comes at a huge cost.
Go to Maldives with a no agenda holiday; just laze in cool indoors or sip cocktails on the beach or luxuriate in the ultra-classy spa at your resort!
Have you ever been to the Maldives? Do you like holidays where you do nothing but laze or an itinerary filled one is what you crave for?

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What’s that band on your Wrist!

While you have a quick visit to the grocery store or say go for a morning walk, have you ever noticed people with some fancy watches/bands on their wrist? I am sure you must have wondered what’s this watch/band? What does it really do?

Fitness trackers have been around us from the year 2013 in various forms. iPhone, for example, has an inbuilt health app that counts the number of stairs you have climbed, the number steps you have taken in a day, etc. Apart from that, we have smart watches/activity trackers that can be synced with your phones using multiple apps that support these devices. 

There are various Trackers available in the market, the ones that are leading in the Indian subcontinent are namely:

1) Goqii Fitness Band- This is not just a fitness tracker but a complete package where you not only track your steps and your food, but you also have doctors and trainers who reach out to you biweekly and work with you in achieving these goals. It uses a subscription model, and the band is part of the subscription.

2) Mi Band- Mi Band is from Xiaomi, it has almost similar features of steps recording and heart rate recording as Goqii, but does not have the community building feature as Goqii.

3) Fitbit - Fitbit brings a range of fitness trackers, with a simple steps calculator to a high-end heart rate monitor, etc. The Fitbit is in a more upper price range as compared to the other two. 

So how have these bands shaped our life? 

1) They have been successful in building communities of similar interests, like fitness, healthy living, innovating the fitness drive in a way that it helps to contribute towards a cause. 
2) Live data capturing like how many miles/kilometers did you cover in a day, primarily talking about the amount activity you carried out in a day.
3) Analysing your sleep pattern, by sensing how much you move throughout the night.
4) Researches have found that with the use of activity trackers, individuals have shown a rise in their physical activity and have started building more awareness towards how the body reacts in situations.

The ultimate goal of having these trackers are to reach that point in your fitness journey where you understand how active you need to be in order to feel healhy and fit. 

                                                                                       --Guest Post by Shruti Shankar--

To read on a variety of subjects check Overcoffeewithshruti. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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To My Heart's Content This Children's Day

Hello friends, 

I, MocktailMommy Vidhi, am back, after a long hiatus, with a creative project. This time it's the one that is sp close to my heart.

What is there on 14th November??? No marks for guessing. Here in India, it’s children’s day!!!  When I was a child, there was no specific celebration of the Children's day. However our parents celebrated each and every  day for us in spite of  their busy lives. This year I will be celebrating this special day with my mother. 

Have you ever thought opening up your mother's heart ??? What do you think you will find there? I am sure it will be filled with love for her children, brim to brim. Don't you think so? With this very thought, I have tried to capture that moment in my creation. Sharing it with you here...

First, i got raw mdf box from my stash. I have very lovely image of mother and daughter lost in their world; as if time froze at that very moment! I have used the same image for this artifact. 

As I wished to indulge in this project to my ‘hearts content’. Driven by this thought,  I made a heart from air dry clay. 

After that, i decoupaged that lovely image at the centre of top side. Now the colouring time !!! I have coloured clay heart, all sides of box and inner portion of box too with acrylic colours and tried to mix decoupage paper’s background with the box.  
At the end, I simply stamped a beautiful line of lovely mother and daughter relation in the box and glued a sequence. 

You can gift this box to your mother on this special day and add any gift whatever she likes ... perfume , candles , jewellery etc. Because she is a mother we can still be children! You may also give this to your little Princess and fill it with the goodies that are her favourite.  

Running short of time to make it? No problem... You can buy it from my online shop at Artery Crate

-----By MocktailMommy Vidhi

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The Nanny


Neha stared at the dress on the rack....it was the prettiest dress she had ever seen. She quickly checked out the size, it matched hers!!! What luck!!

She took a quick glance around to check if anyone was watching her. Nope... nobody around. She picked the dress, rushed to the trial room. After debating in her mind, she gave in to temptation.

She put on the dress carefully and looked at herself in the mirror. It was perfect!!! The fabric was so soft, the drape over her smooth curves only accentuated her sexy figure. She looked so pretty, she couldn't resist letting out a gasp... 

Suddenly she heard her name. She dumped the dress there and hurried out. "Where have you been?? I've been looking for you. Now take care of Riya..I don't have all day to finish shopping!!!"

"Sorry Ma'am." she said, taking Riya. For a moment she had forgotten, she was only the nanny...

                                           ------ MocktailMommy Prasanna

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A voice came from the Help Desk, "Next is your turn, Astha." All this while she was sitting quietly and was nervous as if she was scared of what was going to happen...

Was it not very obvious but? It was the fourth time. She was desperately waiting for her name to be called up.

The previous three experiences were worst than the nightmare. Still hoping against the hope, she felt a lot of positivity emanating from deep within.

With a heavy heart, full of self doubt, she entered the room, keeping her fingers crossed!!!!! She felt as if some one can hear her palpating heart... She was drenched in sweat, which she could hide in the guise of the climate. But from whom was she trying to hide it from? From her own doubting self...may be...

Lady in the room coaxed her...and after Astha was comfortable she started her procedure........and within few seconds she heard a confusing wish-swoosh sound.......gradually to a clear one... 
DHAK, DHAK.......DHAK, DHAK.......

It was nothing but the sound of her baby's heartbeats.....it was her first ultrasound check up of her fourth pregnancy.

"Congrats Astha, your child's heartbeat is normal and so is your pregnancy", said the sonologist.

"This was the cutest sound of her life which she was expecting desperately after her three miscarriages. THE CUTEST AND THE BEST HEART IMPRINTS OF HER LIFE... THAT MADE HER FEEL COMPLET...

-----By MocktailMommy kARISHMA

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Favorite Song Spiels Itself

A good song is like the smell of earth after the first rains. 

It makes you feel nostalgic, brings back some wonderful memories. So which is that one song that transports you into another world?? 

When I chose this topic,I had gazillion songs running through my thoughts like a wild forest fire. Then came the next question. What makes a song your favourite??... The melody?... The soulful lyrics?... The memories that flash when you accidentally hear it on the radio?... The experience one shared with that special someone?... One thought after the other,  laced to each other traveled like a train in my brain!

All through the process of searching for my favourite song, there was this one song which kept playing at the back of my mind. 

The reasons can be its simple yet very meaningful lyrics, a song expressing a child’s love towards his mother, maybe as this was the first song I learnt to sing, maybe because this song made my music teacher and my parents realize that I, an eight year old then, was a decent singer, maybe as it was this song that gave me the courage to get over my stage fear, maybe because this song gave me the first ever prize in singing , maybe due to the fact that this song had an impact not only on me but also my schoolmates ,so much so, that even after 25 years, few of my schoolmates recently posted the song on Facebook tagging me and we relived all those precious innocent memories. Do I even need any more reason to make this song my favourite???

Without building any more suspense, the song is “Mother of Mine” written by Bill Parkinson and sung by Neil Reid. Please listen to my version of this song by clicking the link below.  Thanks to #Smule app for helping me record it. Use Headphones for better clarity:

Hope you all like it! 

Do share your favourite song with me and the story behind it!!

-----By MocktailMommy Sathya
All pictures courtesy Pixabay

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The Holy Pyre

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Aashna sat in front of the mirror at her dressing table. She was all decked up, but her mind was restless.

Just then her mother came in, "Aashna, it's time darling...." As she walked out to the ceremonial mandap, all eyes were on her. There was a storm brewing in her mind though.

Being an arranged marriage, she had hardly got any time to get to know Varun. Everything had happened in such a hurry.

As they walked around the holy pyre to complete their pheras, she was totally absorbed in her own apprehensions..... But he read her eyes.

He held her hand gently, "Dont worry Aashna. I promise you in front of this holy pyre, that I will always be there for you. Through thick and thin, through ups and downs, through sickness and health. I will be your friend, soulmate..."

The lines of worry on her face disappeared!!!

                                                   -------  By MocktailMommy Prasanna

Word Count : 150

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Me Under Siege

Clearing up the whats app messages after the festivities is such a mammoth task. Before clearing the messages, I make it a point to browse through them, of course if the time permits. Thus many a  times, my phone gives up on me and stays grumpy till I clear it, of all the unnecessary burden. During one such recent “swachata abhiyan” (cleanliness drive), I came across a message. It was a picture depicting King Ram killing the ten headed monster Ravan. In that picture, Ravan had originated from Ram's own shadow. The message read…

“Have you tackled the Monster that is hiding inside you?”

Now that was something. I must agree that under the sugary coating of fabulous names, which I have fondly found as the innumerable excuses, lies the Monstrous me! Once that I have accepted this fact, life seems so light! Confessions have great value, you know, even when they are done to self! As I started scratching the upper layers of the excuses, here were many monsters hiding at the most unexpected corners! Me under Siege...

The first one to surface was none other than the one hiding inside my wardrobe. It sits pretty on colourful stack of un-stitched dress materials. Every time, I visit the market, “just that one, not any more” monster pops up and compels me to buy. When one is alone and in the glitzy market, its so very difficult to purge self out of the clench of this monster!  

There is a cousin of this monster as well. This one is  “Will go for stitching next time”. It jacks out, the moment I open the wardrobe and the pile of the un-stitched dress materials stares at me. Then I give myself a pinky promise, next week end, for sure. No matter what! 

And that next week end is in the grabs of “x+1” monster. Here “x” is always this week. Poor me, I am besieged by this trio. Otherwise my wardrobe would be clean and most up to date… Please dont lebel me as a "Procastinator". You should see my plight and then think of bringing that word to your mind!

Tied to the apron string of this monster is “I don’t have anything suitable to wear for this evening” monster. And this one, 100% of the times, has appeared when I am running out of time. And on such occasions, more than the clock, it’s the exasperated faces of my better half and the kids that do all the “Tick, Tick”. That’s really mean of them. Of course I don’t dare to say this aloud though!

On a regular day, at times, I am irked by the “What to cook today” monster. For a forever apprentice Chef me, its really intimidating. My  cook is about to reach the threshold of the house and I am yet to figure out the meals to be prepared! Helplessly, I open the fridge and decide my weapons to fight with it. Staples such as leafy vegetables and the salads, always come to my rescue! This fight every morning leaves me exhausted. And then I take a vow that I would make up a weekly meal plan by this week end. Oh God save me,  the “x+1” monster is ready to pounce on me at this corner too!

The song "I am only a man, with a chamber who's got me, and taking a stand, to escape whats inside me... a monster a monster... and it keeps getting stronger and stronger", then echoes all over!

To shut mute these echoes from the chambers of my thoughts, I end up gorging on the sweets and the chocolates.  Here chortles the “Just one last byte” monster. It simply hypnotises me and then he is done. Poor me, I have a sweet tooth, you see! That’s what my excuse is when I lose the match with it. Odds are stacked heavily against me, you sure will agree!! 

With all these natorious monsters’ bunch, there is a good one too! This monster catches my attention every now and then. It peeps from the news paper, shouts from the book shelf and some times chirps from the net. Its call is so magnetic that I simply surrender myself to it. And this one is none other than the “Read and read more” monster. But that's a monster too! It simply eats away my fair share of being with my friends and family.

Barring the last one, I wish to shoo away the other monsters from fragile, simpleton, poor me. With this thought I cross my heart and decide to take it up head on.

Did I just hear the snicker of the “x+1” monster somewhere?  

 -----By MocktailMommy Anagha

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Just One Step Ahead

"Suhana......Stop doing it, you will get hurt."  I shouted from the kitchen realizing she was doing some gymnastics stunts without proper safety.

But, Suhana continued doing it more diligently...so I came out and asked her, "What's the matter baby?? Why are you not listening?....see you got hurt again....doctor had asked you to not practice for at least a month....as you just got your plaster removed and your bone may take some more time to heal."

But all my talks were in vain....as if they were falling on deaf ears. She was doing it more and more persistently. I held her hand and coaxed her. I understood that she was hurt by some rude remarks by her batch mates in the class. 

"Forget it, Suhana! It's not your cup of tea. You will not be able to do it ever!"  and blah blah....followed by giggling ...to make fun of her.

And, the worst thing that pinched her the most was a sarcastic look of her trainer who finally gave up on her after teaching her successively for months, as if he has lost faith in her and doubts her capability.

She looked at me as if she was asking me "Mom, Will I be able to do it and do you believe in me?"

"Believe in yourself and you can do everything!!", I tried to motivate her, and I took my step back...I could have been with her...but then I realized that this is her battle and she has to struggle herself........Thankfully, remarks provoked her to endeavor more...

Chrysalis had begun.......I just had to see the outcome.

She practiced for days, months and for years....she fell and got up, got hurt and healed, but didn"t stop practicing!!

And, the day had come.....when she got selected for her National Gymnastic Competition!! 

The day when she got her GOLD.....she looked at me and raised her medal...

"We did it MAA!!", and I hugged her tightly...."It's you sweet heart....you have done it....."

And suprisingly she replied...."It was you who believed in me....Thanks Maa!!" I thanked and made her realize that its because of her efforts and hard work ...

My tiny cute little cocoon had transformed into a colorful butterfly....colours of strength, hardwork, patience and many more...my baby is now grown up!!

I could see the next Deepa Karmarkar!!

She would have easily quit gymnastic and stayed in her COMFORT ZONE!!! But NO, SHE HAD THE COURAGE TO COME OUT OF IT AND ACHIEVE HER GOAL!!!

That day, even I realized that it's only the one step ahead of your Comfort to acheive the impossible.......and that is COURAGE!!!

--------------By MocktailMommy Karishma

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Sparkling Gems

The cloudy skies lurking over the mountain trail, the waning twilight, the flood lights at the construction site along with the dotted twinkling lights from housing societies made for a great watch! Wonder if I stay close to jewels' mine!

Thanks Supriya for sharing this picture!

----------By MocktailMommy Anagha

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Though there is consensus that we all should highly abide by ‘Law of Land’, there is also an agreement that unjust law exists. The only point which arises then is that whether we should obey them or disobey them or try to change and obey them till the time they are changed. Though you may find different views, the least a person can do is to disassociate with something which he feels is wrong. You cannot be in a position wherein you are supporting on one side and fighting against it on the other side. Even though law and justice are viewed as virtually synonymous, experience however, has taught us that injustice may be supported by law. The sense of injustice can be a powerful condition, causing people to take action not just to defend themselves but also others who they perceive to be unfairly treated. As rightly said by Martin Luther King Jr., "Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere".

Some of the traditional practices followed in olden days have taken form of law over passage of time. Some of them have been misinterpreted and some have used this to their vested interest by taking shelter under such law. If we talk about “Triple Talaq”, it is a customary practice prevalent among Muslims that dissolves a marriage when the husband says the word "Talaq" thrice. These have been actively protested by their woman community over past few years. Several women's rights groups have also spoken out against the practice and its ill effects, especially on Muslim women. 

On the other hand, the Muslim Law Board has consistently said that "Triple Talaq" is a 'personal law' and thus, cannot be modified by the Center. The custom is criticized for being unilateral and biased against women, and is banned in 22 countries of the world

The honourable Supreme Court, few months back, termed the practice of "Triple Talaq" as unconstitutional.

Few days back, there was an article in Times of India, a 23-year-old woman of Kherli village in Alwar district has approached the court after she was thrown out of the house by her in-laws following triple talaq. In her complaint, she stated that she was given the triple talaq as she gave birth to a second girl child in February this year. This was disapproved by her husband and in-laws. Taking cognizance, thre court has now asked the in-laws to find an amicable solution.
The in-laws had also threatened to kill the child if she failed to accept the triple talaq. 

One of the big question which arises is that how do we respond to unjust law. Even though it can be tackled through nonviolent method, it would be perceived as breach of law. People engaged in such act are open to legal consequences since this shows their fidelity to the rule of law. One such larger movement of civil disobedience was led by our Father of Nation against the unjust British rule. The movement led to end of British colonization which was result of persistent resistance to unjust law.


---------By Mocktail Mommy Rupa

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