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Yummy... Mouth Watering...Recipes!!!!!

- By Mocktail Mummy Vidhi
Nachos chips: 

 An easy recipe of home-made nacho chips that's healthy too!!! You can enjoy this with salsa, hummus or even plain and simple mayo topped with your favourite veggies. Hmmm!! I know you are drooling already!!

Ingredients :

•1 cup Makkai ka atta (corn flour)
•1 cup wheat flour 
•1 cup lukewarm water 
•Salt to taste 
•Oil to fry
•Mixture of red chilly powder and sanchar (salt)  

 Method : 

•Take corn flour and wheat flour into a bowl.
•Add water and salt to it and make a dough to bind it. 
•Add a tablespoon of water at a time.
•Once the dough becomes firm make it into a ball and let it rest for 15 minutes.
•Take rolling pin and roll out the dough to make a large size chapatti or pizza base.     
•Next, with a round pizza cutter, cut out chips as we cut our big round pizza into 8 pieces. Make small holes on the chips with the help of a fork. This helps air to pass making them crunchier and prevents it from making bubbles during the process of frying.  
•In a pa…


Life is mystery and a story. For some the story is fairy tale and for some a melodrama. But do we appreciate that we at least have a story, a story that is unfolding each moment! A story full of magical moments... Now you will say whats magical in the boring routine? Don't you think GOD is kind enough to bestow so many things that many people might not even have dreamt having all 10 fingers in place, having two strong legs to jump on, eyes that are witnessing all good as well as bad and most important; a mind that thinks...Aren't these the gifts? Life isn't about what you want all the time. Its about loving what we have and being grateful about it! I recently witnessed one story, live in front of my eyes that made me think about all these things. Let me share it with you...

Like every year, even this year we went to watch Ganesh Visarjan with our kids. The only reason behind was that they should know about our festivals, culture and traditions.
We went to one junct…


The transformation of a parent to Grandparent is phenomenal. The care and bonding multiplies to several folds when a grand-child makes his or her entry in to the family. Young ones need something stable to hang on – a culture connection, a sense of belonging, a clear path and that is what grandparents provide them. Grandparents play different roles such as loving companions, caregivers, mentors, historians, teacher and friend to name a few!
In continuation to my previous story on how important GRANDPARENTS are, in our life; I would like to share my daughter’s experience.  My parents had voluntarily offered to take care of my daughter and insisted me to focus on my career. The minute detailing in each of the activity was commendable and heart-warming. The early morning body massage and bath with ancestral technique used to be admirable and fun loving to watch. My daughter loved to sit with my dad while offering morning prayers to God. Morning prayers is one of the things that my daughte…