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- By Moctail Mummy Ruchi
Sweets never go out of fashion! And if the festivities are around the corner then only thing on top of the minds of young n old... What's cooking in the kitchen ??? :) :) The sweet aromas that linger in my mind even today from my childhood days...are that of aromas of makes me hungrier than ever. Navaratri was one such occasion when my mother used to make different sweets on all nine days as an offering, Prasad, to the Goddess.  Mouth-watering and mouth melting sweets are the flavour of this season. There are many ways to make the Prasad that are fast to cook and good to eat! With the life getting more health conscious and so very busy, I have come up with a fusion of modern and traditional methods of cooking. Here are some handpicked ones...just for you...a modern woman with a tradition at heart!
DATES LADOO “Ladoo hai aisa jise khane se aaye chere pe noor. Jo khae WO kehlae hoor aur Jo Na khae WO kehlae kajoor”


Black deseeded dates – …

Garba And 9 in 1 Aarati Thali Decoration ...Jara Hatke!!!

                                   ...By Mocktail Mommy Vidhi

Navratri is round the corner. It's celebration of the woman power, the divine power of Goddess Amba. Navratri parva happens to be the most auspicious and unique period of devotional sadhanas and worship of Shakti of the divine, conceptualized as the Mother Goddess Durga. Ghatsthapana is one of the significant rituals during Navratri. It marks the beginning of nine days festivity. Ghatsthapana involves invoking Goddess Shakti in Ghat or Garba i.e. an earthen pot and symbolically on the growing shoots of grains.  Vaise to "Ghat" ya "Garba" ko decorate karane ke kai tarike hai...painting, embellishing, use of mirrors and motifs, kundan, laces etc to name a few. And now a days we get to see decorated garbas easily available in the market. They typically have mirror and lace work. Being a MocktailMommy, I always think of making something unique, something different from the rest and at the same time one whi…

GRATITUDE....What It Means To Me!!!

GRATITUDE....this word often makes one think...."what really does it mean?" Reading the post about "Pitrupaksha" written by one of my dear Mocktail Mommy friend brought about a storm of thoughts to my mind.
It was just another lazy evening. I was enjoying my piping hot cup of coffee, alongside going through her post......and suddenly I felt this flood of memories running through my brain and I had no choice, but to let go and flow back down memory lane.....
The first memories of childhood are so delightful. I remember my motherloving me so unconditionally, that I doubt if there is any other love in this world, as pure & pristine as a mother's love for her child. She used to feed me, bathe me, help me with the smallest of things and all this she did, with utmost patience, not once losing her temper. She has been my pillar of strength right from the beginning and continues to be so..... Sometimes I wonder, "What would I do without her????!!!!" I remem…

Fortnight Of Remembrance...

Other day, my daughter and her friends were happily jumping on and around the sofas in our living room. Their happy screams fetched me there...To my horror, all I could see was a huge mess. Only one thought dominated my mind space at that very moment...these can not be act of humans, but the monkeys...No wonder that our ancestors were monkeys...
While I was cleaning up the clutter, I wondered how the life must have been for our ancestors, forefathers??? The journey of human race from the monkey state to today's modern avatar is so interesting. However it must have had its own share of difficulties as well. The shear brain power made the human beings race ahead of others and gain the supremacy. As I was vacuuming the carpet, I wondered what and how we might have been, if our ancestors had not toiled so hard to hand us over a comfortable life. But do we appreciate this fact in our everyday life? More often than not, the answer is big NO
We all are so engrossed in our so called busy …

My Onam

Onam, one of the most important festival in Kerala is celebrated to enjoy the beginning of the harvesting season. It’s a 10-day long festival. The 1st day is Atham, but the most important day is the 10th day also known as Thiruvonam. It’s a festival, which is celebrated and enjoyed across all the communities in Kerala. It is believed to be celebrated with grandeur to welcome the Legendary King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala on this day.  Onam brings back so many fond memories of my childhood during which we used to celebrate this mostly in Kerala with our family and relatives.

At the first blush of the morning, I remember my mother waking up my brother and me; looking beautiful in a traditional Kerala set saree (2 piece pure cotton cloth with pure gold lining on the border, worn like a half saree) with the ever-fragrant Mullapoo (Jasmine flowers) on her wet hair and adorning the traditional Kerala jewelry. Once we were up, we had to get ready in our traditional attire …


Hello friends its festive time !!! I trust like me each one of you would have longed for the second half of the calendar year to welcome majestic fiestas.   Festivals change the environment completely it brings lot of spiritual positivity within ourselves. In such occasions we clean and decorate our houses to give that marvelous festive look. We also spend at shopping centers for some festive apparels for our near & dear ones. Even our markets are full of rush specially the sweet shops and most of us end up buying those enticing sweets . Overall we spend a lot not even thinking about tomorrow,  but then questions continues to hunt us when will I start savings to continue my lifestyle in a similar manner ???.
Every month I tell myself “ OMG  lots of expenses this month  I will surely start savings from next month but the next month never comes this must be a similar scenario with each one of us,  isn’t it ?.
Michael Caine has rightly said   “Save your money you are going to need twi…