Its Never Too Late To...

Riddhi was saddened, shaken but at the same time content that the ordeal was over...a long fought battle... one that lasted for eight years to be precise! Her mother in law, a brave yet stubborn soul had fought with a silent killer with steely nerves, never ever bending to the onslaught of the disease. The last passage was peaceful and her mother in law was freed of all the pain and agony that the disease had offered her mercilessly. Sitting on the sofa, Riddhi felt the emptiness in the heart and in the air. 

As if something captivated her, Riddhi got up suddenly. She thought of winding up the belongings of her mother in law before it is too late. Busy hands would not let the brain get over taxed, she thought. Few visits up and down the silent rooms, she decided to start with the bedroom. 

The initial phase of clean up drive was that way easy to handle. There were medicines to return to the pharmacy, the diapers to be donated and bed sheets to be washed. But then came the daunting task.…

Freedom Of Transporting

"Pretty woman walking down the street..." went the song on one of the radio stations while I was driving back home. The song invoked the memory of lissome lady Julia Roberts swaying on the road. I was brought back to present by the sight of a decorated Tonga... And then the mind wandered off to another terrain...
I was now driving the car only physically and my memories were driving me to the by gone era of transportation... just few decades back the things seemed so different!
Before any other form of transportation, humans traveled on feet. So was the norm in my town where I grew up. Of course the streets were dotted with few rickshaws being peddled by the driver, a bullock cart filled with goods or people, a tonga or two here and there. Possessing and riding the bicycle was such a luxury those days. And when it was the time to visit the grandparents, the only option to reach was by the train! Flying by air, if you ask, were the part of fairy land for me!
Bullock carts were a…

Shimmering Spirit

She loved to dance, to jump and to climb the trees too! 
Country side settings of her upbringing has groomed her free spirited nature & never say no attitude. She was always ready to explore new, more and exciting. Nothing seemed to have stopped her. The scrutinizing eyes, the gloomy looks and the sarcastic remarks never failed to clamp her spirits...
A chance window shopping glued her eyes to the shimmering shoes. 
"They must be of Cinderella", she reflected! They had the same twinkle and shine as she had it in her spirits. "Same pinch", she said!
"One day, I too will wear that", she promised herself. She pushed her wheelchair ahead...eyes brimming with hopes and heart with faith... that one day she will stand tall on her feet!
-------By MocktailMommy Anagha

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Diet Plan For Grey Cells #MondayMusing

It was the time of the year for my Sister In Law's visit. This time around it was going to be special, as she had many days to spare! Actually, we being twin souls, the idea of getting to spend more time sounded so very bright! The D-Day expected her plane had landed on right time and it being the night time, she reached home just before midnight. Ding Dong went the bell. Yeh...she was finally here!!! With the child like enthusiasm, I opened the door. And I got..speechless...not because of the overwhelming joy of meeting her after a year but because...of her ballooned figure!!!

After two three rounds in the market and some shopping "spa" treatments, I warmed up to her and suggested her to see the dietician. She agreed instantly. Thanks to the mirrors in the changing room and many of my trips up and down the aisle to get her next size of the chosen garment! She confessed over the coffee that her thinner self was trapped inside and was crying out for help...

The Best Thing About Our Country!!

The prompt given this time, ideally first made me realize that Independence Day is coming.....why is it so we are patriotic only during those National Festivals around!!!
That Flag hoisting individually by all the societies followed by cultural program and a get together....why is it all so??
How many of you, be true to yourself, see the program of Flag hoisting at Red Fort on T.V....forget of going to Delhi.....and its not about only program ......what do we actually do for our country......other than remembering it on National Festivals is what you called patriotism???


What is the best thing about our country???? is this the prompt ????
TO ME: I LIKE AND LOVE INDIA and the one whom you love, you love everything about it.
If its good Its good because of us.....and if its bad its because of us and we need to correct it.
To make it best-est place to live for us and for our lets take any one tiny initiative to make it best-est we all know its a best place…

IF We Were Having Coffee!!

What if I don't like coffee??? This question raised in my mind when I was given this post to write about.......
Options or choices should be given to make it more fancier.......Jokes apart!!
But here I would like to share the only 2 times I mean it, when I liked to have coffee.
Firstly, Phone bell rings, voice from the other side yells.................why don't you pick the call when we call you the first time. Why are you always busy......busy with your phone, your work and your commitments.........and blah blah continuously for say 5 minutes....
Ideally she called me when I was very busy with something very important (Let me tell you not as important as hers)...........and she just called me to discuss very obvious thing that her husband didn't complimented her....on she being gorgeously ready for some family function.......How stupid!!
This reminds me of Airtel advertisement.......Har ek friend **@#** hota hai!!!!!!!!!
But, now what......just to pacify her or you can just say …

A New Lease Of Life

She was toiling hard, all nights and days, may be for decades... who knows??? She had forgotten the count. But did she really bother? Of course not! Finally it was going to be immaterial...
The mirrors were her darkest enemies and so was the sunlight. They both made her insecure and the onlookers to shudder, at her sight! Was it her heart that was uglier or her face... No one had answer, including herself! 
The witch that she was, couldn't stop making and trying potions. Spying and prying on the noble souls and their blood made her potions magical enough to help her face the sunshine!
She now wore a forever young look! A snow white with dark history and even darker heart was just born... A vile smile spread across the pretty face. The walls heard the loud egregious laughter.
And then she pushed the curtains back...

-----By MocktailMommy Anagha
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